Terms of sale

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Terms of sale


Thank you for choosing Fenland Choppers Ltd. We endeavour to supply quality chassis components but any issues please contact us immediately they are known and within 7 days from purchase.


Please read the following terms of sale.


1. All parts to be dry built before painting to ensure proper clearances and alignment of engines, gearboxes, drives chains/belts, wheels and mudguards, fork stops, handlebar and tank clearances. All fasteners supplied with the chassis kit are purely for dry build purposes (except wheel adjuster bolts if supplied). The purchaser must replace all fasteners with those of the correct grade/length. Loctite or similar thread locker to be used on final assmbly.


2. Fuel and Oil tanks that have been supplied or worked on should be thoroughly flushed and checked for leaks before painting. Any leaks detected you should contact us immediately. Custom fuel tanks should be treated with the appropriate sealant as per the sealant manufacturer’s instructions.


3. All chassis should be dry built before painting to ensure all the necessary brackets are present for wiring.etc.


4. Any welding or grinding done on any steering or frame components that is carried out after the frame or component has been supplied will render any liability we have on those parts supplied void.


5. We do not assume any responsibility for work carried out after the parts have been supplied purely because we have no control over it. We are more than happy to quote you for the complete build.


6. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that any component or vehicle supplied is fit for the purpose that they intend using it for.


7. Chassis/components/completed vehicles are supplied on condition that the buyer accepts full responsibility for the roadworthiness of the completed vehicle including all VOSA requirements including MSVA certification.


8, All assembly work to be carried out by competant person's.


9, Any warranty issues relating to any external finishing (including chrome plating) on parts supplied must be notified within 7 days of receiving the goods. No warranty on chromed or painted/powdercoated parts. All finishes are assumed to be for show use and must be protected against oxidisation and corrosion from the day its received.


10, Any complete and running motorcycle chassis supplied will be issued with an MOT certificate if requested to prove it meets basic standards for lighting and braking. This does not eliminate the customers msva obligations.


11, We reserve the right to refuse fitting any parts supplied new or second hand by the customer unless agreed with us first.


12, All special order parts that we source from 3rd party suppliers such as Custom Chrome, Storehoues etc that are not required after purchase can not be refunded.


13, Exhausts supplied or manufactured may become discoloured/blued after a short time and this is a natural process and not seen as a defect. All exhausts must be properly mounted without stress to prevent cracking this varies to each application and must be decided by the fitter. Exhausts supplied may require further support that we can not advise on. No warranty applies to exhaust that crack in use due to the above.


Please contact us to clarify anything by phone or in writing.


Thank you for your purchase now 'Build the dream'.




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Please note; Custom bike building is FUN!! but as part of our terms of sale, It is the registered keeper/owners responsibility to ensure all component parts supplied including frames/chassis manufactured by Fenland Choppers ltd are installed by competant persons. It is the buyers obligation to use the parts in accordance with VOSA MSVA regulations. All parts supplied are for custom or show use only and are made to the best possible standards we can but they are not intended to meet or exceed any OEM motorcycle manufacturers standards nor safety requirements. Useage of these products to change your standard vehicle from its original intended purpose or design is the sole responsibility of the vehicles owner. Now that bits out the way get out in the shed and build something.


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