Frames for your

Evolution Sportsters from 1984 to 2003.

1" Tube Bobber or Bar Hopper frames start at £995

Sportster frames have welded engine mounts and use stock factory lower front and top middle engine mounting plates. Front cyl head bracket is no longer used. All frames require chain final drive as made longer and narrower for that old school look.


There's several options available for you. Heres a just a couple customers have built using our frames and chassis components!

if its not here and you've seen it online then send us the link and we will see if we can build it for you.....

Ironhead Sportster XL/H/X 1000cc engines fit all the above frames using our front adaptor engine mount plates if using disc brake rear wheel. We can make frames to fit drum brake rear wheels along with pedal x-over tube please email for info and prices fenlandchoppers@gmail.com

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