Yamaha XS650 Rigid Frame



Yamaha XS650 1" tube Bobber or Bar hopper frames start at £995  You can add gooseneck style for £75

includes stainless engine mount bolt kit

The 1975 upto mid 80's Yammy XS650 twin make a great donor bike. They're reasonably cheap and there is plenty available with good parts availablity.

(NOTE; excludes XS1, XS2 and some TX models which have different engine mounts and forks)


They have that cool parallel twin look giving them a cult following.


We've made quite a few chassis for these so if you want a frame or a full roller then look no further. Check out the links below for more info.

All our XS650 frames come with Harley style neck as standard.

1" Tube bobber frames start at £995