2004 and up Harley Sportster frames

Here is a selection of pix showing options for your 04 up sportster. Shown are full rollers with all new wheels. brakes and forks. Also the oil tank close up. Along with the flagship Fenland Zero Style Gooseneck.

Please note, all rubber mounts should be converted with solid mounts as follows solid mount conversion.

Pix show stock width back wheeled bike. 200 Tyre width also possible. The engine mounts in the standard position so you will need to fit an offset gearbox sprocket to align the chain with a wider wheel if your using wider than standard set up. This will need to be worked out when you do your dry build to get correct chain alignment. Many offset sprockets are available so not a big problem. We do not offer ribbed guards to fit 200 section tyres.

Fenland Choppers Rigid frame to suit 2004 and up Harley Sportsters have been in development since we built our first prototype in 2009 and various pix show both their early and recent development. They are not as straight forward as the previous solid mounts to build as follows. All rubber mounts must be converted with a solid mount kit as available from lowbrow customs. The standard rear brake linkages and footrests don't work so we can fit brackets to the frame to mount pre-99 Evo harley Big twin aftermarket forward controls for £75 extra. They also need a combined oil tank/battery holder as shown unless you want to mount your battery in a saddlebag?? I have now got the frame jigs made and we can now offer these frames at a sensible base price. Prices start at £950 for a basic bobber style frame to take stock width wheels and forks. Gooseneck frame will cost £1025. Chopper style frame to take +6" overs will cost £1250. Any other parts such as solid mount conversion, oil tank, rear fender etc etc will cost extra. Oil tank with battery holder built in costs £240

For 200 tyre rear wheel width frame please add £120 to above prices.  

If you wish to see our Frame kit section and pick what you need from the examples shown I can put a bespoke quote together.