Fenland Frame kits

Fenland Frame Kits.

Updated 12th Nov. 2020

Frame kit packages that saves on individual prices.

See the example kits below and let us put a kit together to give your build a head start...


Click on the arrows to the side of the images below for a selection of rolling chassis we have put together using our kits.

Ironhead bobber
Evo sportster chopper +6" over
Ironhead bobber
Evo sportster bobber
Gooseneck Kit C for Evo sportster
Kit C Evo sportster
Evo sportster gooseneck
200 tyre evo sporty gooseneck
Sportster bobber
evo sportster gooseneck
200 tyre stretched evo sportster gooseneck
200 tyre big tube evo sporty goosenck
Evo sporty bar hopper
Evo sporty bar hopper
Evo sportster bobber
Big twin goosenck
Bigtwin gooseneck
Yamaha xs650 big tube bar hopper
Hinckley triumph bonny gooseneck
T120/T140 Bonny
Triumph t140 big tube
Yamaha xs650 Bar hopper big tube
Yamaha xs650 Bobber
Evo sportster zero style gooseneck
evo sportster gooseneck

To discuss any of your frame kit options please email




Frame kit Example 1.

•Example frame price (sportster); £850

•Oil tank with Cut out, brass fittings; £140

•chrome wheel spindle and adjuster kit; £66

•Side stand kit; £75

•Total cost; £1131

•Bundle discount; -£60

•kit 1 price; £1071

Frame kit Example 2.

•Example frame price; £850

•Oil tank with cut out, brass fittings; £140

•chrome wheel spindle and adjuster kit; £66

•Side stand kit; £75

•leccy box; £66

•Total cost; £1197

•Bundle discount; -£87

•Kit 2 price; £1110

Frame kit Example 3.

  • Example frame price; £850
  • Oil tank with cut out, brass fittings; £140
  • chrome wheel spindle and adjuster kit; £66
  • Side stand kit; £75
  • leccy box; £66
  • Stock sportster tank mounts; £25
  • solo seat mounts; £25
  • Total cost; £1247
  • Bundle discount ; -£110
  • Kit 3 Cost; £1137

Optional brackets to add to above

  • Fork stop; £13
  • Regulator mount; £13
  • Rear brake bracket; £13
  • Total cost; £39
  • Add all 3 to above kits for disc price; £29


Optional extras below can be added to above

(Prices discounted when part of frame kit)

  • Fenland ribbed rear guard; £155
  • Paughco style 5" Flat rear guard; £105
  • Tall sissy bar in raw steel; £95 extra in kit 4 or stand alone £160
  • Curved rear guard strut kit; £65
  • Labour to trim drill rear guard, align struts or sissy bar and machine mounts then welded to frame inc labour; £126
  • Oil tank with cut out to clear centre post on Sportster frame; £140
  • Oil tank without cut out for Triumph Frames etc; £120
  • add domed spun ends to your oil tank for £30 extra.
  • Dummy oil tank with removable stainless end cap to fit electrics; £120
  • Wrap around horseshoe style oil tank £295
  • Solo stainless seat base kit; £58
  • Sportster style peanut tank inc tap and cap; £175

Frame Kit 4

Designed to use as many original parts off a donor bike inc. stock wheels and forks. Springer forks can be retro-fitted at a later date. You can build a bobber in a weekend :) All the common parts are mounted with welding done bar a few bits you may wish to add when you build it.

Best deal is here!!

Kit 4 price starts at £1595 (pre 2003 Sportster)

(Paughco flat guard and curved struts fitted)

  • 1” tube bobber frame
  • Oil tank with brass fittings
  • Chrome rear spindle with stainless adjusters/spacer kit
  • Rear guard mounted (5" Paughco style flat fender)
  • Rear struts in bare metal
  • Stainless battery hold down clamp for stock Harley YTX20 battery or YTX14 as used on Hinckley Triumph etc.
  • Leccy box mounted behind oil tank (sportster upto 2003 only)
  • Battery Box ( Triumph T120/T140 only)
  • Tab to take stock rear brake caliper (modified)
  • Steel Side stand kit
  • Steering Stop for stock forks (not xs650)
  • Welded Sportster tank mounts & solo seat mounts included
  • Solo seat base kit and Sportster style tank available at extra cost
  • Main Engine bolt kit. (Triumph T120/140/Yamaha XS650 kits only)

All kits are bespoke and made to order so you tell us what you want and we will put a package together.

Please be aware frame bundle discount does not apply to eBay sales.

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