Fenland Frame kits

New for 2018

Frame kit packages that saves on individual prices.

See the example kits below and let us put a kit together to give your build a head start...

Click on the arrows to the side of the images below for a selection of rolling chassis we have put together using our kits.

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Frame kit Example 1.


•Sportster bobber frame; £850

•Oil tank with brass fittings; £120

•chrome wheel spindle and adjuster kit; £66

•Side stand kit; £75

•Total cost; £1111

•Bundle discount; -£76

•kit 1 price; £1035


Frame kit Example 2.


•Sportster bobber frame; £850

•Oil tank with brass fittings; £120

•chrome wheel spindle and adjuster kit; £66

•Side stand kit; £75

•leccy box; £66

•Total cost; £1177

•Bundle discount; -£87

•Kit 2 price; £1090


Frame kit Example 3.


  • Sportster bobber frame; £850
  • Oil tank with brass fittings; £120
  • chrome wheel spindle and adjuster kit; £66
  • Side stand kit; £75
  • leccy box; £66
  • Stock sportster tank mounts; £25
  • solo seat mounts; £25
  • Total cost; £1227
  • Bundle discount ; -£120
  • Kit 3 Cost; £1107


Optional brackets to add to above


  • Fork stop; £13
  • Regulator mount; £13
  • Rear brake bracket; £13
  • Total cost; £39
  • Add all 3 to above kits for disc price; £29


Optional extras below can be added to above

(Prices discounted when part of frame kit)


  • Fenland ribbed rear guard; £150
  • Paughco 5" Flat rear guard; £62
  • Tall sissy bar in raw steel; £95
  • Curved rear guard strut kit; £75
  • Labour to trim drill rear guard, align struts or sissy bar and machine mounts then welded to frame inc labour; £126


Frame Kit 4


Designed to use as many original parts off a donor bike inc. stock wheels and forks. Springer forks can be retro-fitted at a later date. You can build a bobber in a weekend :) All the common parts are mounted with welding done bar a few bits you may wish to add when you build it.


Best deal is here!!


Kit 4 price starts at £1500

(Paughco flat guard and curved struts fitted)


  • 1” tube bobber frame
  • Oil tank with brass fittings
  • Chrome rear spindle with stainless adjusters/spacer kit
  • Rear guard mounted
  • Rear struts in bare metal
  • Stainless battery holder for stock Harley ytx20 battery or stainless battery clamp for other makes.
  • Leccy box mounted behind oil tank (sportster upto 2003 only)
  • Tab to take stock rear brake caliper (modified)
  • Steel Side stand kit
  • Steering Stop for stock forks
  • Welded Sportster tank mounts & solo seat mounts included
  • Stainless steel engine bolt kit. (Triumph/Yamaha XS650 kits only)


All kits are bespoke and made to order so you tell us what you want and we will put a package together.